Introduction of forex

Maybe you’ve heard the word “Forex”. As an introduction, we will discuss about forex itself.

What is “forex” really? Forex is an acronym (abbreviation) of “Foreign Exchange”, or foreign currency exchange. The more common term is the foreign exchange (forex).

Speaking of forex means talking about the value of a currency against another currency. The currency compares its value against the other currency, which then forms the “currency” or “exchange rate”. The example you know most probably is the US dollar (USD).

You certainly know that in the last ten years, the development of forex trading (forex trading) is very rapid. Almost all walks of life have been familiar with forex or even directly involved in forex trading, you can learn more details through Vortex assets website.

The magnitude of these opportunities, among others, is because the money market is the largest financial market in the world, considering all economic activities in this world must lead to the currency. It can be said that the money market will continue to run as long as people are still doing economic activities. In fact, if you trade forex online, you can make transactions whenever you want for 24 hours a day and five days a week (Monday to Friday).

Buy and Sell in Forex Tading

You can do this kind of transaction through bank or money changer. You just come to the bank or money changer then do the foreign exchange transaction. Or you just call the treasury officer in your trusted bank to carry out the transaction. We call it a transaction like this as a conventional way of transaction.

As technology progresses, did you know that now you can easily perform similar deals online? You do not need to go anywhere else to do forex transactions. Just from home or any place you want, there’s a computer, internet connection and platforms like Vortex assets. Accompanied by a cup of coffee or hot tea, you can trade from your comfortable chair or sofa, maybe even from the top of the bed!

There is little difference between forex trading through online brokers with forex transactions that may be commonly done most of our society in the bank or money changer. Almost all online forex brokers facilitate forex transactions with contract system and margin (margin) for example just like Vortex assets.